Weeks To Purchase: 


Week 14:

4 April - 11 April 2015

RED/PEAK - 4 sleeper

 R49 500
(Fluctuates in and out of Government School Holidays)


Week 25:

20 June - 27 June 2015

RED/PEAK- 6 sleeper

R30 300
(Fluctuates in and out of Government School Holidays)


Week 39:

27 September - 4 October 2014

RED/PEAK- 4 sleeper

R 27 300

(Fluctuates in and out of Government School Holidays)




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*Subject To Availability
*Updated on 01/8/2014


Info. Manage Your Timeshare

Southern Sun Resort ownership and the flexibility it affords is one of the best choices you will make for your family’s future holidays.  To optimise the benefits of timeshare, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the various options available to you.  

Using your week

As a Southern Sun timeshare Owner the week you own will always be available for you to use without any reservation necessary. You just pack, travel safe and your apartment/chalet will be ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

Rent out your week through the Accredited Rental Office

If you are unable to use the week you own and you do not wish to exchange it for another period, you have the option of placing your week in the Southern Suns Accredited Rental pool. Units are rented out on behalf of each owner at a price agreed to by yourself  and the proceed of the rental is paid directly to you the owner. Units can be placed into  this pool at any time. For rental information, visit our rental website


You can bank your unit with SunSwop and do an exchange at a later stage or immediately.  As a Southern Sun timeshare Owner, you are automatically a member of SunSwop, the exclusive exchange facility developed owned and managed by Southern Sun, which gives you access to its portfolio of worldwide Resorts.  To find out more about your alternative holiday destinations and exchange opportunities, please contact SunSwop on 0800 983 067 or visit SunSwop website for more contact details. 

Rental Pool

Another option available is the Rental Pool.  All weeks placed in the Resort Rental Pool share the proceeds of the rentals received for that specific week less an administration fee.  If you wish to utilise the Rental Pool, kindly contact the Central Levy Office in writing, a minimum of 90 days in advance of the week you own.  In addition ensure that the Central Levy Office confirms your request in writing.  Finally your levy must be paid before the week can be placed in the Rental Pool. Visit for further information.

Private Arrangement

You may also give your week to a friend.  In this case, kindly notify the Southern Sun Resorts Central Administration Office in writing with the name, address and telephone number of the people to whom you have given your accommodation to.  Alternatively this can be done on line.  The people with whom you have made this arrangement are also required to present a Guest Certificate from yourself upon arrival at the Resort.  Contact for for assistance.


As the registered Owner, you are responsible for the payment of your annual levy, irrespective of how you utilise your week.  Levies are payable 90 days prior to occupation, if you wish to occupy your timeshare week or to put your week up for rental.  However should you choose to Deposit your week with SunSwop, levies must be paid prior to your unit being released for depositing by the Central Levy Office to SunSwop.  Similarly, private arrangement confirmations can only be confirmed once the levy has been paid.